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Antique doll review 1014ANTIQUE DOLL COLLECTOR MAGAZINE  To read it click on the image to enlarge.

Review from “Bladet Vesterålen” October 2, 2014 A 2014 1002 Side 18 You may need to use Google Translate, available on this page.


After several years of encouragement by me and many others who collect these wonderful Norwegian costume dolls Bodil Meleney has finally brought this tribute to her mother to completion. It is everything a monograph about an individual doll artist and entrepreneur should be, containing in 188 large format pages both biographical information and a detailed history of production over nearly decades. Even boxes and labels get a chapter for those for whom this information is important. There are also photos of exhibition catalogs, a list of public collections that own Petterssen dolls and tips on caring for the dolls. The many photos of the dolls in their colorful bunads, with closeups of costume details, reflect why these dolls appealed to me as a collector of ethnic dolls.

GZ Librarian and collector, October 2014

* * * * * * * * * *

Finally there is a book about the great norwegian doll artist. An interesting story told by her daugter. I especially liked all the photos of the artist’s work.

AH, Norway, September 2014

* * * * * * * * * * *

A beautifully illustrated book. All doll collectors would be thrilled to have this in their books for reference.

Grandma Bella, October 2014

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

” I think this is a wonderful book. It is great that you have written so extensively about the background of your mother’s work and I am impressed with how much and how varied her work was. I have already ordered 3 copies as gifts for friends”

SS, doll collector, Norway, August 2014

* * * * * *

“(This) is a beautifully written and illustrated book. Meleney’s text is clear and engaging, providing readers with a fascinating biography and, with the many wonderful photographs, an excellent resource for deepening our understanding of and appreciation for Petterssen’s artistry and for identifying her dolls by age, type and outfit.”             Sandy Smith, doll collector – USa, August 2014

* * * * * *

An outstanding overview of this important artist. The detailed photographs of the dolls she made are especially outstanding; they give credence to her excellent craft skills. Her work is treasured and collected world wide”.
Margaret Paris, Photo Media Artist – USA, August 2014


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