Happy Spring

Play doll ca 1937

Play doll ca 1937

I am sorry I have not posted anything for a while. From time to time personal issues intervene.  But spring is at least here ans that is wonderful. The winter cold has had a hard time letting go of it’s grip on our region, but as Swedish author and illustrator, Elsa Beskow writes in one of her delightful children’s books; Olle’s Ski Trip, eventually Lady Thaw has to come out with her broom and forcefully sweep King Winter off the stage. Princes Spring is ready to arrive in all her splendor.

The book, Ronnaug Petterssen, the artist and her dolls continues to do well. Recent visitors to this website have come from South Africa, Colombia, South Korea, as well as from the US, Canada, Europe at large and also Russia.  I am thrilled that there are interested people so many places.

meleney_artist&herDolls_72dpiThe book Ronnaug Peterssen, the Artist and her dolls is available through Amazon. Check it out by clicking on the image.



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